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Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Southport!

With two branches in Southport, 600-Degrees Pizza is you number-one stop for authentic Neapolitan pizza. Visit us at Southport Market or book a table or a takeaway at our cosy new pizzeria in Hillside.

A passion for Pizza…..

It all started when the founder, Dan, and his wife went to the Amalfi coast of Italy on their honeymoon, also spending time in Naples, the home of Neapolitan Pizza!

Over the years Dan has experimented cooking in as many different ways as he could, including a tandoor oven made out of a bin, a brick built BBQ, a DIY smoker and the most recent being a garden brick woodfired oven to makes Pizza in Southport.

Flour power!

Coupled with his passion for cooking, this gave Dan the inspiration to understand more the methods and theory behind Neapolitan pizza, in particular, starting with perfecting his own homemade pizza dough from Caputo Neapolitan flour.

For years, having enjoyed entertaining family and friends, great pleasure was gained seeing them enjoy the different food he cooked for them and now Dan and his team want to share this passion and knowledge through delicious authentic Neapolitan pizza — who doesn’t like pizza?!… Especially when it’s done the right way!

Lovin’ the oven!

At 600˚ we don’t just want to create and serve great food but also create an experience. Guests will enjoy the theatre involved as their pizza is prepared and cooked in an authentic woodfired oven with flames licking the pizza at a minimum temperature of 600 degrees! Pizzas cook in just 90 seconds, this rapid form of cooking ensures a thin, bubbly base and a scrumptious, chewy crust.

Our Pizzeria ovens have names…Olive at Southport Market and ‘The Don’ at Hillside! 

Outside Catering– Whether it be a birthday party, christening, corporate event, wedding or charity event — feel free to contact us and let’s see if we can make that special day a little more memorable by serving up authentic Neapolitan Pizza!

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza…..with a twist!

600˚use the best and freshest ingredients to concoct authentic pizza creations and also some controversial ones, consistency of the Neapolitan style of pizza remains important however so are the demands of our customers therefore in addition to the classics such as the Margherita, Pepperoni and the Marinara our Pizza Chefs like to add there own twists and create pizzas that will have you coming back for more!

A taste of tradition…

Our dough is made from Caputo Neapolitan flour and we use the best tomatoes from the Naples region for the sauce. We keep it fresh, simple and tasty, our pizzas won’t be over whelmed with toppings, we prefer for the flavours to stand out.

The cheese is fresh, authentic and not greasy….we only use fior di latte from the Campania region not a lower grade mozzarella/cheddar mix.
The dough is made fresh in house every day and fermented for a minimum of 24hrs, made according to the Neapolitan tradition, using only flour, fresh yeast, sea salt and water, producing a a light, airy and easily digestible pizza base.

The pizza is finally cooked the traditional way in our Neapolitan stone ovens…..you can’t replicate the flavour profile and texture in a conventional gas  or electric oven, don’t settle for less!

We cater for all

Authentic pizza is one of the healthiest and tastiest fast foods, it appeals to all ages and don’t forget, if you or your guests are vegetarian, vegan or are intolerant to dairy then that’s not a problem… we can make pizza to suit everyone. *gluten free available on request, please contact us.